Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 74: Orbs of Time

I am listening to Rachmaninoff.

Language like blood dissolves Spirit.

The endless repetition of thought is addiction.

I am remixing one language with meaning. The fabric is torn from the walls of time. And it is transcribed into new forms. See what is written. There is one literature. This literature has become rotten and fragmented like wine. All the world’s literature has yet to be written. If you write, you will find yourself. What is your supreme identity? The dimensions and layers of time, in the vertical dimension of past and future, exist as chapters, as fictions. The manner in which fragmentation occurs is art. The division of time, the cataloging of time and tragedy is literature. Fragmentation is the essence of literature. The stories we write ourselves begin with time. The cruelty of time is its very essence, the tragic narrative of this or any era: the illusion of time creates delusion. Wading more deeply into the abyss, one discovers oneself.

Language is structured according to ideology.

Transform the cultural face of time.

An imagining takes hold.

This is the rise that is psychological time.

Literature begins to take shape.

Aeneas does not exist.

Odysseus is not coming to save you.

Do not wait for Godot.

Time is oil burning.

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 73: Structures and Time.

The structuring of the institution is of mind.

All thoughts and experiences up to this moment. Thoughts of past and future project from thoughts and experiences. A sculpture is cut. It wills itself to remain eternal, indestructible. It delights itself in its perceived knowing. The thing is not life. It is sculpture. It is a thing to be perceived. The institution, as mind, wants to construct and restructure time.

A structure is built on foundations of the ideological. Institutions house articles of symbolic orders. The corridors of these narratives exist in collective mind, the suturing of collective dreams. Fragmentation of consciousness encased in flesh equals life. The separate experience of consciousness occurs. The first identification is with mind.

Structures agree with time.

The subject does not exist. 

The allocation of meaning takes place in mind.  Mind is the disciple of time. Time exists in the horizontal dimension. Past and future are not now. The dislocation of reason is fear based. What accounts for systems and ideologies is a discombobulated logic. The present subject is sometimes object. States of time are represented in the structure of language. 

Initial projections and judgements are pre-programmed instances of time. The disconnection between time, mind, and language is freedom. Freedom occurs in stillness. All that exists exists beyond time. The language used now by I is only in reference to something beyond itself: an incomprehensible, unbearable state of freedom. 

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 71: Cultural Stacking

It is the opinion of the herd to believe its own opinion as truth. It is the opinion of the herd to live by its conditioned reactive collective mind. To wash its own cultural assumptions and biases against any onslaught of truth is counter to the instinct. Initial perceptions account for the mass of human interactions. The reptilian brain accrues mastery. To simply go against the current does not suffice. Too many endanger truth by simply dissecting matters into simple dichotomies and enveloping an answer according to a razor’s edge. The way the subject is framed matters. The options given by entities in power do not provide a complete portrait. Options and questions are constructed with few answers in mind. The dislocation of truth takes precedence. To counteract the aforementioned, one needs to step outside of the psychological realm of time. This, too, requires to strip away layers of cognitive and cultural biases. It is not enough to simply be against. The language of time based cognitive and cultural biases takes root in the collective foundation of the mind. Cultural stacking often takes place in media. It takes too much time for an agent to explain complexity or subtlety to the collective herd. The cynical measures of media based consciousness only makes worse the current state of world consciousness. To raise human consciousness requires more than outrage and hatred. The media story is not the story. It is the way the story is constructed and represented that is the story. The story is rooted in time. It is rooted in collective understanding biases. The story is filtered and distilled into an incomprehensible caricature. Save few exceptions, save the exceptional agent, save time, save grace, save all, save one collective breath.

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 70: Dialogues of the Mind’s Content

The mind thing says things as they appear. The mind thing is the thing that evaluates itself according to conditioned perceptions, god-things, cultural expectations, as well as familial. The diagnosis of human consciousness is mostly something superficial. Anxiety and stress are apparent, more sustained and deep-rooted metaphors for all things are this: primal subconscious fear. The structures within the realm of primary human consciousness are the institutions and systems sustained by the endless montage of symbolic, orderly metaphors. This is the clearest I can say this. Understand that language fails to completely capture all that is. Understand that the cultural institutions and systems are catalogued and constructed according to biases of all time, up to and including the 1st identifications with form. Systems and institutions are rooted in fear or they are rooted in compassion. Varying degrees of commitment exists, as well as subcategories. Language is also programmed, as with all institutions, structures, and systems. Strip away all layers as is your speed for comprehension. Strip away all things presently presenting themselves to be true. Strip away your ego and your belief that you already understanding, because, frankly, perhaps we all never really did. Understand how badly humanity needs to project fears and ego and varying degrees of distrust. Understand that the same projections for love, compassion, and grace are not on the same operating level. The mind will tell you whatever you want to hear. It will tell you everything that is needs to so that you will not seek change. What is your purpose? What is your passion? Ask yourselves that very question. What are your dreams?

The mind says no. Emotion holds you back. It views transformation as death. Extinction.

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 69: Constructions of Time

The time based narrative exists in the corridors of mind. The extinction of time is the extinction of the time based corridors, the extinction of time. Narratives regarding the relations between beings in a state of Being require language. Language is often rooted in time. The perception of existence is often fragmentation. The I that evolves from fragmentation is the condensed delusion of the collective ego herd. The proficiency of ego and time based narratives to accrue self-sustaining resources is the aggrandizement of destruction. Collective human ego leads to greater feelings of separation from Other. The definition of Other is anyone not like I. Ego groups are self-created from fear and pain. The protection of self-interests accrues from spiritual unconsciousness. Herds and groups will fight and argue to the point of extinction. The slight difference in definition from herd and group is the proclivity towards violence. The perception of self and ego group/ herd is often the varying degree to which one individual or pack may identify with the former. The horizontal dimensions of time rely on the time based narrative to sustain ego. The vertical dimensions of time exists for few. The clarity of thought and absence of identification with herd and self and group is the essence of Awareness. Awareness is seldom reached. The mental fragmentation and ideological clutter of mind often prevents many herds and individuals from full realization. The constructions of time preserve time based delusions: fragmentation, isolation, ego, herd, patriotism, hatred, and the dehumanization of Other.

The LOUDNESS of the destruction IS the EVENT.

The endless infinities of mind, the breaking of structure, of its very foundations, breeds light.

The narrative becomes the endless beginning of everything. The crushing, weightless impact of mind, enter consciously. Everything, everywhere. The structure remains the same. Watch the sun bathe. A class seminar should be a professor with a gun to your head daring you to have an original idea. The way they see the problem is the problem.

Brave the ridicule and failure, the meaninglessness.

The darkness is masquerading as light. The cave wants you to write its story.

Do not fear existence.

You become conditioned to ask for permission to write, to be creative, to exist. The problem with academia is everything. The mind destroys itself. The canon is the cave. You can only analyze the Structure of the cave for ONLY so long. There’s not enough space here for context. The overall worthlessness of an English degree, poor job prospects, and everything creates leverage. The blinding, crushing light of true freedom. The blushing, cradling earth, the light of things as half projections.

Consciousness encased in flesh is Spirit.

Consciousness animates all.

You have to give your life to the pursuit of happiness.

You have to write your heart out.

The construction of time is literature.

The systems and ideologies working under human consciousness, language tracks and cargo, meaning a la carte attached to meaning, the signified thingness of time. The perception of thought begins. States of consciousness are rooted in time. It is the infinite conditioning of the subject witnessing the event. It is not simply a question. What is of the non-perception of the event, of the indifference of the herd? What is a system without thought, what is a system without ideology. The negation of the present moment is literature. The initial time based assumption involved in story telling and perception requires complete awareness in mind. Incongruencies in time based structures and forms creates paradox and intrigue as well as outrage.

The language of I exists in psychological time. It is the time based structures of form. Paintings and books add another dimension to the room.

Language is an endless series of thought forms shielding light.

Imagine stillness, imagine incomprehensible blinding, pure consciousness, imagine god.

Are we not always already thinking about thinking.

Imagine all dimensions of time like waves beneath your feet.

Imagine the symbolic metaphor transforming into the real.

We are Santanero Zine. We are a for-profit literary cult. We are literary gangsters. We only write God-level shit.

Write until the end of time.


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