literature is not happening, perhaps literature does not exist 

i felt literature was the cure, and then i learned literature was god

then i learned that god did not exist, that language was the box

god is not language, i can hear what has not become

everywhere is sound 

Some thing not static,

un-godlike, moving,

shifting, mutating,

transcendent & then not, e  v  e  r  y  t  h  i  n  g _ from all angles improved

t h e m i n d l o v e s i t s o w n i n t e r p r e t a t a t i o n s

Deeper into the text, unfolding, unearthing, something more than previously understood,

_ hopefully_

The mind mines treasures though language


Ideology is a box with holes for the self to breathe

Ideology sometimes amplifies all aspects of the real

I would want language to gravitate toward the real, beyond the real

Transition from ideologies like vehicles until none are needed

to shift & speak by one’s own will to




there is language in time, language make believe d to suture ideas in time, sometimes compassion becomes stillness, the mind believes its own creations, the want to explain what i believe to perceive beyond what i understand, literature is ancient, dinosaurs never instagram ed the asteroid that hit them, 


listen to the music created w/ voice, charisma is norm-core, fun is rhetorical, the human eye is always writing poetry, actions contain emotions, sometimes poetry is ugly, language is unconsciousness, the curtains have retired, tear down all walls, show time is always now 

l a n g u a g e   i s,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               blood of the story                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    _ literary excavation

dig deep now
depth, iceberg, silence
witness to the en d of time
sunlight beyond psychological time
sculpt the eternal language
life, a movie, a canvas, a script
meditation says, end scene
audience, witness, know
the mind is the playwright
ideology is the chain
connecting the mind to
the machine
the mind lives in time
what is the depth
to One step of
n o w
the world beyond
f o r m,
i see, k
t h e
b  e
  o     n


I used to believe a masters degree would yield a career. I have fully accepted that it won’t, possibly ever. Now I am free. The only person that cares about my masters degree is my mom. There is only debt. That is the only thing academia has created. Academia creates debt and little else. Going to keep applying to restaurants. I’m going to apply to Target. And even Walmart, work my way up, become store manager and unionize all those fuckers.

The only hope is non-resistance, non-judgment, and non-attachment.


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