listen to the music created w/ voice, charisma is norm-core, fun is rhetorical, the human eye is always writing poetry, actions contain emotions, sometimes poetry is ugly, language is unconsciousness, the curtains have retired, tear down all walls, show time is always now 

l a n g u a g e   i s,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               blood of the story                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    _ literary excavation

dig deep now
depth, iceberg, silence
witness to the en d of time
sunlight beyond psychological time
sculpt the eternal language
life, a movie, a canvas, a script
meditation says, end scene
audience, witness, know
the mind is the playwright
ideology is the chain
connecting the mind to
the machine
the mind lives in time
what is the depth
to One step of
n o w
the world beyond
f o r m,
i see, k
t h e
b  e
  o     n


I used to believe a masters degree would yield a career. I have fully accepted that it won’t, possibly ever. Now I am free. The only person that cares about my masters degree is my mom. There is only debt. That is the only thing academia has created. Academia creates debt and little else. Going to keep applying to restaurants. I’m going to apply to Target. And even Walmart, work my way up, become store manager and unionize all those fuckers.

The only hope is non-resistance, non-judgment, and non-attachment.

island  s melting

the page does not exist

i grew up w/ a schizophrenic & a drug dealer

derridian street science

nietzsche’s dance party

endless ego seeks enlightenment

not free

all you ever really have is the present moment, do not wait for godot

feel new realities

some islands paradise, yet some islands hell, and still more beyond

islands of perception,

closed off section of the canvas, sea of blue

leave the structure, then leave the island, abandoned ideologies

understand the rest of the canvas is empty

before humanity, after humanity, the space of the stage

become the witness, the observer, the audience of one

circling around steel curtains

disharmony from fragmentation of one whole

one simple reality destroyer, everything beyond language, form

small angry minds, eruptions on the island

go get Borges’ map.

this is not real

the mind is a playwright

one great book, long torn nothing an d ripped by mind s a par t

the word they had, intertextuality

some books more than other s, still, symbolic fragments from a large r collection

all those books unread

every time, the bookstore nearly empty

stillness as the sountrack

i have done the best that i can

crabs in a bucket

stew of language, reality, some perceptions set in stone w/ errors

varying degrees of truth,fact, reality, w/ exceptions, to what % true, how often, how widespread, impact, lasting or not

perception of the ego is often either/or

facts, logic, reality, & sometimes shadows trailing afterward

lyrical lacerations

fall in love

limiting beliefs as fiction

hand your ego a microphone and say, “whatta ya got?”

humor the voice that tortures you

ego dissolves in spotlight

ego fears death

a helpless child w/ a gun

the perception of free & not free

if this, then this is not possible

imagine the inverse of reality

truth is not the cave

capture the whole world in a breath, exhale the negative

open the world

an expression of pain, free yourself, then stop,

ideological ideology

ideological leash, now cut

ideological plane, now jump

ideological summit, now jump

the indestructible present

stillness & time

once you see behind the curtains of ideology, there’s no going back

you were dead long before you ever died, a slave to your mind

your “self” does not exist (sorry descartes)

what are your belief systems

language is often used to convey perception and judgment, rarely reality

this is water, always

all you need is purpose

ideas clawing away

silence mind, not awareness

literature is 1st crafted in the heart, then ruined in the mind

language is the paint

– keex

All my lies are true. I want fame, money, love. You, not fragment but whole. This canvas Being. Perhaps we all exist in this tragic masterpiece. Strip away layers of illusion. This is the unpacking of the Real. Platos cavemen watch the Oscars. Socially accepted structures and foundations of Real: language, sex, communications. Subsets and variations. Under reins of egoic logic, Representations of the Real are more valuable than the Real. I would rather curl in bed, perhaps with the depth and warmth of love, the non-existent. I would rather not think, but the mind thinks and believes it is me. — I, Keex 

i  a m  i n l o v e w / a u n i v e r s  e   i   d  o n t  u n d e r s t a n d, 

g o d o t _ n e v e r _ c a m e  _ a n d _ n o w _ w e _ a r e _ a w a k e

we all have our roles, an endless searing love, to unlock every world,

i m a g i n e _ X A N A D U _ a s _ a _ h o m e l e s s _ shelter

coleridge had no wedding guests, / and th e _ keys into the unknown are found


The Aeneid maybe wasn’t about love lost, a city burned, or an escape into the underworld, a dimension beyond form — I, Keex

if only Hamlet’s loss was ego, imagine

accept failure, it is freedom, a poet is a philosopher who hates language 

i would rather believe in Hegel’s Spirit than Christ’s father

i would like to rewrite hamlet

what is it that you want, besides everything? a tribe will kill to feel right, to feel correct, to aggregate more ego, life thru death, war/ …. light becomes darkness, Spirit, a long dreaded magic, humans and their tribes and their narratives, collective egos breed war, thank you/…identify your armor (ideology), identify your forms (language), identify your attachments (love), identify fears (hates)

                                                                                                                                                        — I, keex 


i WANT you 2 UNDERSTAND, you DO NOT understand

what lives beyond the realm of language, the realization of colors mingling & covering form, perhaps only emptiness transformed,

surrender to waves…. / and perhaps death is not sadness, you cannot lose what you are, realm after realm in space, consciousness crammed into body, Life reborn …. / stretch the canvas for a sad song to paint to

dreamlike emptiness, and you are not the dream or the dreamer, you are the consciousness in which it all takes place. —  i, the i 





There are tens of millions of working poor on welfare and food stamps. This is the world that we live in. This is the reality. There are families living in homeless shelters. And the wealthy continue to pillage. The wealth at the top has amassed due to the wealthy slashing the wages and benefits of everyone else, if not outsourcing and automatizing many jobs altogether. I have no idea if it is possible to awaken the wealthy and powerful to the plight of the many, but at least one can try.

The price of wealth is worldwide poverty. 

One day, perhaps enough people will understand this.


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